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No one wants to plan a funeral but planning a funeral can be quite therapeutic and cathartic. It is a way to show your love and appreciation by creating a ceremony that celebrates their life. Funeral homes are not the only way to have a funeral service. There are green burials, home funerals, cremations, so many different options that perhaps are not on people’s radar. I share my experience thinking through preparing for my mother’s imminent death and funeral. There’s so much stuff that needs to be done but to be able to honor her by thoughtfully creating a ceremony that highlights the love that she gave was heartwrenching but also fulfilling. How can we plan a funeral that is meaningful?

Risa Morimoto - Modern Aging

Risa is the Founder and Co-CEO of Modern Aging and a certified integrative nutritional health coach. After decades of worldwide travel as an award-winning documentary and TV producer/director (HGTV, Animal Planet, A&E), she shares her insight and expertise to create a better, brighter midlife for those who desire to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled.

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