This is Modern Aging.

“I really was tired of the really wanting it, longing for it and it just wasn’t happening.
I wasn’t meeting men. It just wasn’t happening.

So what happened? Why the change of heart at 75?
 I have no idea. All I know is that I decided that I wanted to bring a man into my life.”

We are excited to kick off the series with a former boss from my days working at NYU. Mona Kreaden was a very caring boss. She helped me in so many ways personally and professionally. She was always polished, professional…and always single from the time I knew her, and happily so. We lost touch after I left NYU and fast forward 20 years later, we recently reconnected.

Now, Mona is 77 years old and dating! As she dished on the details, I felt like we were 2 teenage girls talking about the new boys in her life. And the more we talked, the more I realized that it was important for others to hear about her experiences and how a change in attitude changed her life and her relationship with men.

“70 put me into a whole different category and I don’t even know if I can explain it.
I felt physically as if I had crossed over a river and that everything about me was back there on the other side.
It’s not that I don’t remember it. I remember it but I don’t relate to it anymore. It’s not who I am.
Who I am now is of course the sum total of all those things, but maybe I’m more free to express a lot more now.”

Her pilates instructor and “dating mentor,” Daisy Sola, was there every step of the way to help Mona do the hard work that it entailed to make her more open to the possibilities of having a relationship, after so many years of not dating.   So I also invited Daisy for the interview to give her perspective on Mona’s transformation.

It’s refreshing to know that there is no expiration date on dating, finding love or anything that you want to do in life for that matter!

Mona Kreaden and Daisy Sola

Mona Kreaden is a former strategic advisor for The Transition Network. Daisy Sola is an author and Pilates instructor.

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